Wolfenstein: The New Order – New videos and previews for E3

Many news sites got the opportunity to see the game in action at E3, where it was shown longer than before.

For instance, Andreas Jerfors, Senior Gameplay Designer on the game at MachineGames, was invited by GameSpot to answer to their questions while presenting the infiltration mission into the Nautica complex in London, in the following video:


Other sites posted previews about the game. GameInformer detailed a mission in their very positive report:

Developer Machine Games showed off a later gameplay section during an E3 presentation set about three quarters into the game. Blazkowicz navigates the wreckage of a destroyed monorail while picking off enemy soldiers in the debris.

Machine Games explains that B.J. uses mysterious technology – the same the Nazis are using – to blow up the train. The wreck occurs over the Strait of Gibralter. Presumably the Nazis have built a bridge connecting the southern tip of Spain to Africa, where the last bastion of Axis resistance resides. With the train destroyed, Blazkowicz begins hunting for identification papers.

B.J. hops through destroyed train cars towards a lower section of the monorail. He drops through train sections that hang vertically, using shifted crates as a pathway down. Metal grates block the path, requiring B.J. to use his laser cannon to cut holes in them. Our hero crawls and leaps through the twisted remains of the locomotive, eventually landing on the crumbling concrete of the bridge’s lower section.

Surviving Nazis emerge from the rubble guns blazing. Heavily armored super soldiers join the regular rank and file, blasting at B.J. with huge gatling guns. On his way through the level, B.J. uses the huge machine gun to mow down enemies, blasts down flying drones with dual wielded shotguns, and banks grenades off walls with a launcher. The shooting gameplay looks slick and pretty, with the sun shining over the vast expanse of the sea in the background. The demo ends with a big Nazi bruiser sucker punching B.J. in the face.


The French site FactorNews was also invited to see the game in action on a XBox 360 (note that the game has been officially announced for both XBox One and PS4 too). In their quite positive article, they mention this:

The fights are very intensive and the weapons are impressive. The shotguns are firing with a heavy sound, and the enemies are flying like puppets. This feeling of having very heavy weapons is increased by the fact that they are visible in almost a half of the screen. (…) The game is closer to Half-Life than Call of Duty, meaning that its quite linear but it let some time to the players to explore the area without undergoing a simple series of scripts. They are many “useless” areas to discover with some ammo’s and secret places to unveil. These latest are useful for the player to get more information about the background storyline of the game, which seems quite rich.



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