QuakeCon 2013: New gameplay video of Wolfenstein: The New Order

The GameTrailers website has posted a new gameplay video of Wolfenstein: The New Order, with an interview of Jens Matthies from MachineGames done during the recent QuakeCon expo. Nothing new in this interview, but many exclusive sequences of the game in action (where the recent screenshots come from) in an impressive video! You can see some elements of the game prelude during World War II, with an amazing climbing scene (especially when a plane comes in the field…), and a glimpse of the Dr Strasse – aka Deathshead – and his Super Soldiers (version 2013). But also the attack of the asylum where BJ is cured, with a scene where the hero explain how he’s locked in his own body without being able to react (a 15 years long lethargy). In short, it’s dynamic, with impressive graphics, gameplay and cutscenes, as you can see in the video below:

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