Last Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tournaments

After the closing of Wolf:ET tournaments at Electronic Sports League, and the end of ClanBase, a chapter of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory history is closed, after 11 years of good work. Splash Damage – the developers of the game – celebrated that moment in a post on their official blog, showing the video of the very last ClanBase’s ET EuroCup final:

Watch live video from TosspoT on TwitchTV


Splash Damage, after the mean critical reception of their last game – Brink – which however did very good sales (more than 2.5 millions copies sold, with more than $140 millions dollars of revenuesfor the company), and the success of Batman: Arkham Origins, from which they created the multiplayer part, works currently on their new free-to-play FPS called Extraction (previously known as Dirty Bomb), planned for this year.

Note that the company from London has recently moved to new offices, after having lived in 4 buildings previously. In a post on their blog, they remind about all these places, and all the memories that happened there, including the development of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the Ironstone House, above a pub where they designed many maps for RtCW and ET, according to them.

The offices of Splash Damage in 2003
The offices of Splash Damage in 2003
The offices of Splash Damage in 2014
The offices of Splash Damage in 2014 (concept)



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