Wolfenstein: The New Order – Post-mortem interview of Jens Matthies for Metro

The creative director of Wolfenstein: The New Order for MachineGames, Jens Matthies, did recently a post-mortem interview with the English newspaper Metro – which consider the game as their favorite FPS of the year -, where he came back on the development and the release of the game in June 2014. Here are some extracts from it:

  • They’re very happy with the game they shipped, because they could do what they wanted with it. They didn’t cut anything because of a lack of time, everything was there as expected. It’s the first game they’re finishing with such a feeling.
  • They’re also happy with the reception of the game by the players, who mostly loved the game. But they’re also surprised by the span between review scores, between 60 and 95 percent. They consider that the Metacritic score should be around 90 percent, which makes them happy too.
  • Some of the worst reviews of the game are Swedish… which is the country where the developers live in!
  • They discuss about the first level, which is considered as weak by Metro but not by MachineGames. It’s a tutorial level, which could explain why it’s hard to make it fun and interesting to play.
  • Both Metro and Jens are very happy with the shooting gameplay, which is a good mix between stealth and action sequences.
  • Metro noticed that the game passed the Bechdel test, checking if two females characters in a fiction talk to each other about anything other than a man.
  • The developers have added the reference to the Da’at Yichud Jewish technology in order to have some Indiana Jones kinds of moments of discovery, some mystery.
  • They also discuss about dogma’s, and how it’s depicted in the game with BJ’s speech, and Nazis going too far with extremist dogma’s. It was hard for MachineGames to show how evil were the Nazis without becoming a caricature, or boring. The representation of the concentration camp in the game was very sensitive for them too.
  • Metro finds the Moon level fantastic, but without enough gameplay outside buildings. But MachineGames hadn’t been able to create a gameplay that was interesting enough for that part, so they decided to focus on the inside parts.
  • Developers of MachineGames don’t want to do any other kind of game than first person games in the future, with more and more open levels with various paths and secondary missions.
  • They want to do a sequel for Wolfenstein: The New Order, but nothing has been decided yet. Anyway, they’re very happy with the selling of the game.
  • They would also love to make a Quake sequel, but this game should have a multiplayer part, which is not their thing. They would have to team up with another studio for that.
  • They have plenty of game concepts for Wolfenstein, and some of them could be used for a sequel.
  • They’re very independent, even with Bethesda behind them. They have a lot of freedom, and they consider that the labour concentration camp of Wolfenstein wouldn’t have been accepted by any other publisher.


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