Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Abilities

Similarly to Wolfenstein: The New Order, you can unlock some special abilities in the game in order to increase your skills. Here’s the list of the known abilities from The Old Blood, and the condition to get them, as provided by the twitter and facebook accounts of the game:

Icon Name Condition Effect
wol15-icons-01 Quick turn 50 kills from cover Enable you to do a quick 180 turn and auto-aim at nearest enemy
wol15-icons-02 Master platinium trophy N/A N/A
wol15-icons-03 Reload bash 20 kills with the last bullet from a clip Increase reload speed by mashing the reload button
wol15-icons-04 Can carry machine guns perk 200 kills using MG46 Allows to carry a heavy machinegun in inventory/weapon wheel
wol15-icons-05 Eagle eye 20 silent commander kills Show markers in the world for collectibles
wol15-icons-06 Tough skin Getting 10 Pipe Head Explosions Reduces Health Loss from Melee Attacks

Many more are yet to be discovered!

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