Play Wolf3D also in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood!

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, players were able to access some “nightmares” where they could play the first level of Wolfenstein 3-D while BJ was sleeping in the headquarters of the resistance. Bethesda has revealed on its blog that it will be still possible in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but to a higher level: players will be able to complete the whole first episode of Wolfenstein 3-D during these “nightmares”, including the boss fight against Hans Grösse and the secret level!

Each level of Wolf3D will be unlocked at the end of each of the nine chapters of The Old Blood, and players will be able to replay them at any time! In order to integrate these levels from Wolf3D to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the developpers had to develop a specific tool, as explained by MachineGames’ executive producer, Jerk Gustafsson:

One of our Senior Level Designers, Christian Grawert, wrote a small utility that reads in the original Wolf3d data files and looks at the tilemap for each level. He then used that to write out a 3D mesh, appropriate materials, map files containing all the game objects, and additional data like collision.

The levels themselves are accurate, but the placement of objects and type of objects has been tweaked a bit for gameplay’s sake. The placement of enemies are fairly accurate, too, and Christian tried his best to replicate their patrol routes. There are likely to be differences in behavior just due to how the AI code differs.


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