Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – First reviews

Less than a week after the digital release of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, many reviews of the game have been already posted by some major sites, like Polygon, PC Gamer, Metro UK, Destructoïd, XBox Achievements, Game Informer, IGN, Video Gamer, Games Radar, etc… According to MetaCritic, the reviews scores for the PC and the XBox One versions is around 76%, for PS4 around 77%, which is quite good! Most of reviewers praise the intense action and the fun of the game, but regrets the lack of a scenario that was better in The New Order.

GamesRadar says “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is another sterling effort from MachineGames, fast proving to be real players in the FPS genre. This add-on clearly has smaller scope than was found in The New Order, keeping things much more ‘down to Earth’, but the core shooting experience that makes the reborn Wolfenstein such a pleasure to play remains perfectly intact. If you like shooting zombies and Nazis with extravagantly powerful weapons (and lets be honest here, who doesn’t?) this is well worth checking out.“, but PC Gamer says also that “The Old Blood is a false start for Wolfenstein’s life after The New Order, a creative step backwards that survives primarily because of the strong groundwork laid in the previous game. It will always be fun to fire these guns and MachineGames’s presentation is still ahead of the curve, but this isn’t the game you should play if you want to explore those qualities—that game was released a year ago.“. So generally, it’s very good, very intense, MachineGames proving all their skills to deliver a high quality action game, but The New Order is generally seen as being better, with a stronger and more interesting storyline.

Here’s a video test of the game by Game Informer:

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