What will be the next Wolfenstein game?

Even if there was no announcement of a new Wolfenstein game this year by Bethesda, we could see a reference to a new “Wolfenstein: The New Colossus” in the trailer of Quake Champions during last E3, that’s all. We also know thanks to an actress that MachineGames is working on a new Wolfenstein game, months after they said they would like to continue working on the franchise.

So why teasing the game without announcing anything during E3 as well as during last QuakeCon? Here is my idea: after several very good old-school FPS in the Wolfenstein series – with The New Order and The Old Blood – as well as with Doom, Bethesda should continue its work on the Quake series, with Champions for the multiplayer part – heavily inspired by Quake 3 -, but certainly with another solo game that would bring us back to the world of Stroggs, more than 10 years after a disappointing Quake 4 by Raven, and 3 first legendary games. MachineGames has also said they would like to be part of it.

So what is the future of Wolfenstein? I think the next episode will be radically different from The New Order, and will be a great open-world FPS where the player will infiltrate big cities dominated by nazis in order to accomplish main and secondary quests – similarly to a Far Cry or a Borderlands game. Raven has already tried such a gameplay with their Wolfenstein game in 2009, without much success, but the idea is there. Because Wolfenstein is mainly a uchronical universe with history and science-fiction mixed together, where you can find amazings bosses and dark moments. The player could be infiltrated in a nazi Washington from the 60s (New York was hit by an atomic bomb) – without necessarily impersonating BJ Blazkowicz, who is known by his enemies and would hardly infiltrate any German city. Bethesda has a lot of experience in such games with the Fallout or even Skyrim games, and Fallout was released nearly one year ago. Wolfenstein is no more related to id Software, and Bethesda certainly wants to expand this universe and try new gameplay, like what Blizzard did with its Warcraft series – going from RTS games to a MMORPG. We’ll see!

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