New previews of Wolfenstein II

Several news sites and magazines got the opportunity to try an hour of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and get some first hands-on impressions about the game – which are usually very good!

According to Ars Technica:

The New Colossus isn’t a smart game—at least not in the traditional sense. But it is subversive, taking classic video game and B-movie tropes and tarting them up with a firmly tongue-in-cheek Nazi-bashing narrative.

Trusted Reviews notes that:

Move around the opening level everything’s a blast. Every gun feels excellent, and combat is as intense as ever, even from a wheelchair. But now there’s a brand-new enemy in the form of cyborg Nazi ninjas. This isn’t a rough description, that’s actually what they are. These robotic enemies can zip around the room in the blink of an eye and dish out lethal melee attacks. They’re also the source of the new energy weapons that work exceptionally well on human enemies.

For DenOfGeek:

By and large, though, New Colossus’ gunplay is much improved. Not only can you finally pick up ammo without having to press a button – except in the case of larger pickups – but New Colossus even sports its own take on Doom’s “Glory Kill” system that allows you to immediately take down a weakened enemy with a melee attack. This adds much more variety to the game’s gunfights as does the use of specialty foes that require you to constantly adjust your strategy. The same can be said of your new ability to mix-and-match dual-wield weapons.

Tom’s Guide writes that:

Despite these improvements, Wolfenstein 2 is not an easy game. Explosions now knock you down, leaving you vulnerable to enemy gunfire if you’re not careful. I fought Nazi cyborgs who could phase through thin air and mow me down in seconds, which made ripping their mechanical hearts out feel like an accomplishment. Even after lowering the difficulty a few times (go ahead, judge me), I still found myself constantly scavenging for ammo and health while barely surviving big firefights.

As much fun as I had blasting Nazis with all kinds of cool guns, I had an even better time watching the game’s story unfold. Many of B.J.’s colorful resistance allies are still around, and clash nicely with new personalities like the no-nonsense Grace and the ultra-neurotic Superspesh. The New Order was made special by its humor, heart and unforgettable cast of characters, and it that same magic formula seems to be present in the sequel.

And The Verge got a very interesting thoughts about the violence in video games, and how the game tries to depict the problems of the modern days in the context of the alternative history of Wolfenstein II.

Here is a video preview of VideoGamerTV:

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