New info about Wolfenstein II

In a new video of the developers’ diary, the creative director of MachineGames explain how they’ve built an alternative history where nazis have conquered the world:

A lot has happened in the 14 years since the Nazis have won World War II. It’s now 1961, the Reich has overtaken almost the entire world, and BJ Blazkowicz is returning to his home to rally the resistance and repel the invaders. But this isn’t the America BJ fought for during the war. Not anymore. Check out our latest video for a look at what’s in store for “Terror-Billy” in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

“This game is all about liberating the U.S. and creating a platform there to liberate the rest of the world,” says Creative Director Jens Matthies. But first BJ needs to shoot, blast, hack and stab his way through New York, New Orleans, New Mexico – and several other locations – all of which have been significantly altered by years of Nazi oppression. From Nazi propaganda to straight-up subjugation, America has changed – but that won’t stop BJ from doing his job to liberate his country… and the rest of the world.

In another post on the blog of Bethesda, they also present Frau Engel, the infamous nazi commander that BJ met in Wolfenstein: The New Order… Now she’s trying to find him and get vengeance!

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