Wolfenstein II: Weapons Guide

Bethesda has posted a new guide about all the weapons that BJ will be able to use in the game. 

BJ Blazkowicz has an uphill battle ahead of him in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. With Nazi forces subjugating his homeland, BJ must travel across America assembling a resistance to repel the invading regime. But he’s not entering the fray unarmed. BJ comes prepared with an arsenal of powerful guns, grenades and gear to help him carve his way through the evil occupiers.

But developer MachineGames didn’t stop at simply arming BJ with a diverse arsenal of finely tuned firearms. Along with a few brand-new weapons, Wolfenstein II now includes the ability to freely dual-wield and customize your guns with a range of modifications. Even with these updates and upgrades, though, it won’t be easy for BJ to liberate his country and save the world from evil. To help you out, we’ve put together a full guide to the firepower BJ will be wielding to make America Nazi-free again – along with insights into the game’s all-new weapons customization system. (Note: potential gameplay SPOILERS ahead.)

The weapons are:

  • Hatchet (melee)
  • Pistole (handgun)
  • Maschinenpistole (small fast machinegun)
  • Sturmgewehr (assault rifle)
  • Schockhammer (big shotgun for close range)
  • Kampfpistole (grenade launcher)
  • Laserkraftwerk (laser gun in Fergus timeline)
  • Dieselkraftwerk (mine launcher in Wyatt timeline)
  • Handgrenate (grenade)
  • Heavy weapons (mounted or used by super soldiers, not in inventory)

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