id Software is 30!

Exactly 30 years ago, on the 1st of February, 1990, 4 developers coming from a studio named Softdisk, John Romero (programmer, level and game designer), John Carmack (programmer), Tom Hall (game designer) and Adrian Carmack (artist, not related to John), founded id Software. They were soon joined by Jay Wilbur (management) and Kevin Cloud (artist), and continued their work on the Commander Keen series and, the next year, Wolfenstein 3-D.

Today, id Software released a message thanking their founders and their fans for their support:

John Romero replied to that message on facebook, and posted a message about this anniversary on twitter:

Tom Hall also posted a message celebrating this birthday:

This picture was famously taken during the development of Wolfenstein 3-D, and visible in the in-game help menus. From all the founders on that picture, only Kevin Cloud is still working in id Software, as a producer on the latest Doom games – which are fantastic!

A journalist got the opportunity to discuss with a few of them about their journey in this company:

id Software is now part of the XBox family since the recent acquisition of Zenimax/Bethesda by Microsoft, and released recently the critically acclaimed Doom Eternal. John Carmack left id in 2013 to join Oculus and work on their VR headsets, and then partially left this company in 2019 to work on general AI systems.  John Romero left id in 1996 to found Ion Storm, and then worked in various companies until he founded Romero Games in 2015 with his wife and kids, and released the game Empire of Sin a few weeks ago. Tom Hall left id in 1993 to join Apogee, and then worked in different studios until he joined Resolution Games last year to work on VR games.

You can also find more details about the history of the company in the encyclopedia of this site, or even in the fantastic book Masters of Doom, which will become a TV series soon on USA Network.

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