Fortress Wolfenstein is an independant blog about the Wolfenstein series and its creators, created in 1998 by Stéphane Wantiez – aka Lord W.

It is one of the oldest website about the series, as you can see in the Internet Archive:

  • 1998: Creation as “The Ultimate Lord W’s Wolfenstein Site” (very modest name!), along with other pages dedicated to the Warcraft series, the Queen band, etc… but none of them survived the 2000s (ouf)! Only in French.
    archive in 2000
  • 2000: Transfert of the Wolf3D site on AltaJeux server, new final name as “Fortress Wolfenstein” (based on the name of the game “Castle Wolfenstein”) – still only in French. Infamous bottom menu, all static pages in HTML, horrible design with black background with red text.
    archive in 2000
  • 2001-2002: Transfert of the site on the NoFrag site (dedicated to FPS games). Covering alone the release of RtCW while doing my studies, and then Wolf:ET in 2002. No real support from Activision, except a free copy of RtCW sent by them! Basic PHP site with news script and phpBB forum, which had its peak around 2003 when people looked for support on RtCW and Wolf:ET. No more bottom menu, but a homepage with links to separate RtCW and Wolf3D pages.
    archive in 2001 – archive in 2005
  • 2009: Covering the release of Wolfenstein w/o any support from Activision, except access to press releases. Still only in French. Also covering releases of iOS versions of Wolf3D, and also Wolfenstein RPG and even the hypothetic movie!
    archive in 2009
  • 2014: Site moved to a new domain for my name, swantiez.org, after NoFrag deleted it from their server. Transfered on WordPress system with news and pages now available also in English thanks to the qTranslate plugin. Custom template still with dark colors (no more red at least). Covering the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order with minimum support from Bethesda. Writing of an extensive encyclopedia about the games and id Software, both in French and English.
    archive in 2014
  • 2017: New design for the site, more simple and readable, using the basic 2017 template of WordPress with a white background. New bilingual plugin, WPML, new forum.
    archive in 2017

About me

I’m Stéphane Wantiez, aka Lord W, born in 1981, and passionnate player of Wolfenstein since Wolfenstein 3-D in 1995 – I took 3 years to discover it! When I got an internet connection in 1998, I directly wanted to have a website about this fantastic game, but in French, as there were only sites in English at that time. This became a hobby, and a lot of work when new games were released, as I’m working on it alone.

I’m a software developer since 2004, and I joined Ubisoft Montreal in 2015 – after 2 years of studies in the development of video games in SupInfoGame school – in order to work as an Artificial Intelligence programmer on Watch Dogs 2, and then Far Cry 5 after the release of WD2. I’m still covering the Wolfenstein series as a hobby even if I’m working on another FPS series, Far Cry, as a professional developer! Maybe one day I’ll do both on Wolfenstein series…