Wolfenstein 3-D in VR

The indie developer Further Beyond Studios has released a recreation of the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3-D with a new engine, in order to be available for VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The game can be controlled with the Oculus Touch devices, but beware of the motion sickness effect, as there is no teleport, and you move thanks to the stick of the Touch. This is a very interesting project, but also one of my worst motion sickness experience with my Oculus Rift.

Brutal Wolfenstein 3-D released in version 5.0

A new release of the remake of Wolfenstein 3-D as a total conversion of Doom 2 has been posted, in version 5.0. Here is a description of the mod by its creators:

It aims to recreate a new experience of the original Wolfenstein 3D, with new gameplay mechanichs such as new enemies, new weapons, interactive environment and, of course, blood. An huge amount of blood.

Here is a video of the game in action:

Dialogue 3-D

Following the controversy about a guy who punched a racist white supremacist in the face, the activist Ramsey Nasser has released an alternate version of Wolfenstein 3-D called “Dialogue 3-D” where you are asked for confirmation each time you try to shoot a nazi… Not very playable, but it leads to a very interesting discussion!

New Wolf3D mod: Atomprojekt

The mod community of Wolfenstein 3-D is still very active, and one of the latest top projects is Atomprojekt.

This mod contains 34 levels with secrets and new enemies, where BJ Blazkowicz must stop the Dr. Engelke who is building a dangerous secret weapon that could destroy London.

Here are some videos of the mod in action:


Wolf3D on GameBoy Color!

Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom are regularly subject to porting on various exotic platforms as a technical challenge, like Doom on calculators, printers or even on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro!

But this time, it’s Wolf3D that has been ported on a platform that has never been intended to make it run: the GameBoy Color! Wolf3D had already been published on the GameBoy Advance (GBA) a long time ago, but never on the older handheld console.

And as you can see, the result is very good!

But as the hardware of the console was far too slow to make it run, a modder called Anders Granlund got the idea to add an ARM processor to the cartridge itself in order to handle the graphic processing. You can read more technical details about this amazing job on his site.

Brutal Wolf3D

The creator of Brutal Doom, which is a faster and more gore version of Doom, is working on a new version of Wolf3D with these same characteristics… and as you can see, it’s very promising!


Wolfenstein 3-D: The Final Solution

The community of mods and total conversions creators working on Wolfenstein 3-D is still very active, and some sites are still posting regular updates about their work, like The Wolf3D Dome and Wolfenstein Goodies. A small studio named Jazz Software is one of these creators, making some new episodes of Wolf3D using Game Maker and DC Tech Three.

They have released recently a new game called “Wolfenstein 3-D: The Final Solution” where BJ has to stop the Nazis before they send their new V3 missiles to London. This total conversion is very close to the original, even with a different engine, but with new textures, new enemies, new sounds and new weapons.

You can download the game on GameJolt, it’s definitely worth the try, and it will bring you some very good memories. The game is very good, even if it’s hard at the beginning, and it has some fixed WASD controls – which is not very practical on AZERTY keyboards… Jazz Software has also released “Wolf3D Rearmed” and “Wolf3D – Machines of War” with similar characteristics, and the studio is also creating maps for Doom II.

ECWolf, an improved version of Wolf3D based on ZDoom

NoFrag recently found a very interesting project aiming to rejuvenate Wolfenstein 3-D thanks to all the work done on Wolf4SDL and ZDoom in order to improve compatibility with recent operating systems and ease maps and mods development and sharing.

The ECWolf website describes the project as follows:

ECWolf is an advanced source port for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny based off of the Wolf4SDL code base. ECWolf pulls a substantial amount of code from ZDoom and aims to provide a wide array of mod editing capabilities without the need to modify the source code. Most importantly you will no longer need to replace entire data sets. With ECWolf you could for example add a weapon without needing to distribute every sprite in the game along with it. Mods will be neatly packaged into a single file just like they are for Doom.

For players, ECWolf provides many useful features such as better control binding, support for wide screen resolutions, and unlimited save slots. ECWolf allows you to keep all of your game data in one directory as one binary plays both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. Support for even more Wolfenstein engine games is planned for the future! (I know you’re all waiting for Blake Stone support.) In terms of accuracy to vanilla Wolf, it is about the same as the accuracy of ZDoom to vanilla Doom.

To run through some of the highlights:

  • One binary plays both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.
  • Runs on all popular operating systems. (That’s Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and other Linux based operating systems.)
  • Modern control schemes supported.
  • Widescreen and tall screen support with aspect ratio correction.
  • Soft-moding (no need to deal with compilers)!
  • Unrestricted map size (binary format is limited to about 180×180) with support for non-square maps.
  • Support for high resolution textures and mixed definition.
  • Support for additional image formats and archive formats.


A video of the running game is also available, and its design is very cool!




Mike Lacher a des idées originales… Ce développeur a en effet adapté Wolfenstein 3D en… 1 dimension !
Et donc, le premier niveau du jeu est jouable sur une seule ligne, avec des bonus, des ennemis, etc…
Bel hommage au vénérable FPS, à l’heure ou la 3D réelle envahit le cinéma et les jeux vidéo.


Un mod pour Wolf3D un peu particulier est sorti récemment, et il s’appelle Sonderkommando Revolt.

Il fait polémique, car il demande au héros non plus de s’échapper d’un château prison allemand, mais d’un camp de concentration !
Ce qui dérange, c’est la minutie dans la reconstitution du camp, avec bon nombre de cadavres de prisonniers, etc…

Le Centre Simon Wiesenthal, qui protège la mémoire de l’Holocauste, a réagit en affirmant que ce genre de jeu nuisait à la compréhension de ce drame, surtout pour des jeunes qui ne le découvriraient que par ce jeu.

Bref, ça n’est pas la meilleure idée de mod qu’on ait eu pour Wolf3D, et ça n’améliore en rien l’image du Jeu Vidéo dans les médias, qui se délectent souvent de ce genre de polémique.

MISE À JOUR : Finalement, vu le tollé provoqué par son projet de mod, le créateur israélien de Sonderkommando Revolt a annoncé à Kotaku sa volonté de stopper son projet. Il dit avoir été “traumatisé” par les réactions hostiles des médias face au sujet sensible de son mod.