Wolfenstein 3-D on PSP

Since the source code of the game was released in open source, plenty of people have tried to port the game to various platforms, similarly to Doom – which has the iconic reddit thread: “Will it run Doom?” – with the game ported on many platform, sometimes exotic, like shop touchscreens, etc…

In the latest projects, we have Wolf3D running on the PSP through the RetroArch platform! It runs well, even with some basic sounds.

Note that it’s not the first time the game was ported on that platform, it has been already done with HomeBrew:

Wolf3D on Commodore64!

The retro-gaming community is very active, and always tries to port some more recent legendary games on older platforms. After the GameBoy Color, Wolf3D has been ported on Commodore 64, a computed sold 8 years before the release of the game! The game cannot run on the basic C64, you’ll need the SuperCPU v2 with 16 MB or RAM in order to boost it enough for Wolf3D. Some parts of the code of the game had to be rewritten in assembly language in order to make it work, and the sprites and sounds have a much lower quality than those of the original game. But that’s definitely a great achievement!

Wolf3D on GameBoy Color!

Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom are regularly subject to porting on various exotic platforms as a technical challenge, like Doom on calculators, printers or even on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro!

But this time, it’s Wolf3D that has been ported on a platform that has never been intended to make it run: the GameBoy Color! Wolf3D had already been published on the GameBoy Advance (GBA) a long time ago, but never on the older handheld console.

And as you can see, the result is very good!

But as the hardware of the console was far too slow to make it run, a modder called Anders Granlund got the idea to add an ARM processor to the cartridge itself in order to handle the graphic processing. You can read more technical details about this amazing job on his site.

New Wolfenstein 3D ports

In the Wolf3D fan base, there are still many people trying to port their favorite game to some new exotic platforms, usually with a version very close to the original PC version of 1992.

The Sega Genesis (aka MegaDrive) console was missing its Wolf3D version. Back in 1992, consoles like Super NES, Atari Jaguar and 3DO, and computer systems like Amiga and Macintosh, got their Wolf3D port, but not the Sega system, even if it was powerful enough to make it run. According to rom-game.fr, GaSega68k, a member of the SpritesMind forum, worked on a port from the PC version source code, and wrote it in assembly language. It looks very smooth and close to the original version, which is very cool!


And even on platforms that got their port of Wolf3D in 1992, you can find some hardcore fans doing some ports in order to have a game closer to the original PC version from 1992. It’s the case of Fabien Sanglard – a French developer working for Google in US – who created “Chocolate Wolfenstein 3D” – a reference to the “Chocolate Doom” project – in order to get a port as close as possible to the original version, especially on MacOS systems – as the Mac version of Wolf3D was quite different from the PC version in 1992. You can run the game in its original resolution (320×240) with a CRT emulator in order to reproduce the CRT 4:3 distortion.

Note that Fabien has also written a very good article about the source code of Wolf3D, and the way to compile it on Borland C++ compiler nowadays. He’s also done the same exercise with many other games and applications source code like Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 3 or Doom 3. He will also start to publish soon a series of free e-books called “Game Engine Black Book” where some legendary 3D game engines will be detailed and explained. And the first edition will be about the Wolf3D game engine! There should also be some paper versions available on Amazon.com and Createspace, I’ll keep you informed.

RtCW, Wolf3D and SOD at reduced price on Steam

During the whole 4th of May, the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein is sold at a very low price on Steam: 2.49 euros (instead of 9.99 euros). The “WolfPack”, including RtCW but also Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny, is sold at 3.74 euros (instead of 14.99 euros).

A very good occasion to play to these fantastic classic games two week before the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order on May, 20!

Wolfenstein 3-D in HTML5

An Hungarian fan of the game named Viktor Lazar had the very good idea to port the complete game in HTML5 / JavaScript using the canvas technology – unlike the web version of the game shareware that id Software released in 2012. Even if it’s not yet possible to control the game with the mouse, but only with the keyboard, we can welcome the effort! Note that you can also add this game as a Chrome web browser extension.

Lego Wolf3D

This little indie game – based on C4 Engine – is a remake of Wolfenstein 3-D… with Lego bricks!

As with Harry Potter, Star Wars and many others, the world of BJ Blazkowicz is redesigned with the famous little Danish bricks thanks to an indie developer. Available as free download, the game allows you to play some of the most emblematic Wolf3D levels – including the first level, some end bosses, etc… – with the Lego design through a modern game engine. You’ll quickly find your way through the levels, even if their aspect is sometimes puzzling.

A very nice surprise you should try soon enough!

Promotion on Bethesda and id Software catalogue on Steam during the QuakeCon

After the QuakeCon started on August, 1st, Steam is doing a great promotion on most of the id Software and Bethesda catalogue, including some Wolfenstein games: Wolfenstein 3-D for 1.24 euros, Spear of Destiny for the same price, Return to Castle Wolfenstein for 2.49 euros, and the “Wolf Pack” containing these three games for 3,74 euros ! You can even buy the whole catalogue (containing 44 games!) for 86.84 euros, including Skyrim, Dishonored, Rage, Fallout New Vegas, Brink, and obviously many legendary games from id Software (Doom, Quake, etc…)!

Changes on Wolf3D page of XBLA

The XBox France news site has detected some changes on the page dedicated to Wolfenstein 3-D on the X-Box Live Arcade, the electronic game distribution network for the Microsoft’s console.

Indeed, the release date of the game – released 4 years ago on the XBLA – has been set to the Mai 31st, 2013. Moreover, the front cover and the ESRB rating have been both changed, and the publisher has been set to Bethesda instead of Activision.

Maybe Bethesda – owner of id Software – is reorganizing its game catalogue, and has recovered the X-Box version of Wolf3D from Activision? We might have more info on the 31st of May…