Castle Wolfenstein – Play the game

You can now play the game via your internet browser thanks to Internet Archive. If you still want to download it, see instructions at the bottom of the page.

Then, press Enter to launch the game, and choose the keyboard as input by pressing K.

The keys of the game are the following:


In blue, the move keys. In green, the keys to orient the gun or the action to perform, and the following keys to use the weapons:

  • S to shoot with the gun
  • T to throw a grenade
  • H to holster the gun

In pink, the action keys:

  • Space to search the bodies or the chests, or open a chest
  • U to use a found object and put it in your inventory
  • Enter to display the inventory

Have a good game!


Download the game

In order to play to Castle Wolfenstein, you must not only download the game and launch it. Modern computers are tremendously faster than the IBM PC’s of 1981, and you’ll have to use DOSBox and reduce the speed of the virtual machine in order to be able to play it. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to run the game correctly:

  1. Download the game and uncompress it in a directory
  2. Download DOSBox and install it
  3. Launch DOSBox
  4. Mount the game directory as a new drive thanks to the command “MOUNT ” (ex: “MOUNT C C:Gamescastle-wolfenstein”)
  5. Slow down the virtual machine clock speed with CTRL-F11 until more or less 170 cycles
  6. Access the game directory with command “:” (ex: “C:”)
  7. Launch the game (“CW.EXE”)

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