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William Joseph Blazkowicz was born August 15, 1911, to Polish immigrants. Blazkowicz was a top spy for the Allied Forces, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor and other accolades for heroism. “B.J.” (as he was called by his friends) married after World War II, at age 40, to Julia Marie Peterson. Their son, Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz, became a television talk show personality in Milwaukee. For show biz purposes, Arthur changed his last name to Blaze. Arthur later married Susan Elizabeth McMichaels. They had one son (which they named after Arthur’s father), William Joseph Blazkowicz II, or as he signs his grade school homework, B. Blaze…

In the alternative world of Wolfenstein: The New Order, BJ was wiped by amnesia and has been locked in an asylum during the last decade and a half, since he failed during a secret mission and was found unconscious on a Baltic Sea shore. He didn’t know who he was, and what was happening in the outside world. But circa 1960, a Nazi troop entered his refuge to kill all its inhabitants, which stired memories deep in BJ’s consciousness who reawakened, and had to fight for his life. He could get out from this hell thanks to his nurse, Anya, and discover that the Nazis were totally dominating Europe since they won the World War II 20 years ago thanks to their top-secret technologies… Get more details about this story on the special page of this site about Wolfenstein: The New Order.



  • The main character of the german movie called “Der goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 – Das Geheimnis von Schloß Kottlitz” is also named William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, as an reference to Wolfenstein 3-D.
  • B. Blaze, or Billy Blaze, the name of the BJ Blazkowicz’s grandson, is also the name of the hero of Commander Keen, another id Software game.
  • In 2008, IGN included him on the list of characters they would like to see in an ultimate fighting game, calling him “the soldier who fired the first shot in the first-person-shooter wars”, as well as in an ultimate “zombie strike team” of the best zombie fighters in entertainment. IGN also listed him as first on a list of top commandos in video games, adding: “Really, there’s no greater victory for a commando than killing Hitler. Kudos, Blazkowicz.” In 2012, GamesRadar ranked him as 93rd “most memorable, influential, and badass” protagonist in video games.
  • included William B.J. Blazkowicz on the 2007 list of the greatest soldiers in fantasy entertainment history, calling him “a true American hero”, and in 2007 speculatively featured him on the list of the greatest Jews in gaming: “Being the Nazi-hating son of Polish immigrants does make B.J. a candidate, but his Judaism remains woefully unconfirmed. For all the Nazis he’s chain-gunned through, B.J. deserves a framed honorary Jew certificate.” The website “Jew or Not Jew” wrote that “he’s probably just a Nazi-killing Pole.”



BJ appears in all Wolfenstein games with different faces…



Wolfenstein 3-D & Spear of Destiny

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

rtcw-bj-01 bj rtcw-special_edition-box jeu-79jeu-290-bjProloguejeu-291-bjPrologue


Wolfenstein (2009)

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Wolfenstein: The New Order (2013)

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