Castle Wolfenstein & Beyond Castle Wolfenstein – Story

This text is an extract from the manuals of the games, where the story is (briefly) described.


Castle Wolfenstein

Castle_Wolfenstein_video_game_coverCastle_Wolfenstein_AdvertisementWorld War II is raging across Europe, and Castle Wolfenstein has been occupied by the Nazis and converted into their HQ. You have just been captured behind enemy lines and await interrogation and torture by the dreaded SS in the dungeons of Castle Wolfenstein. A dying cellmate bequeaths you your only hope – a gun and ten bullets.

YOUR MISSION: Find the war plans for Operation Rheingold and escape from Castle Wolfenstein ALIVE!


Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

beyond_castle_wolfenstein-coverYou’re practically a secret weapon since you escaped torture in Castle Wolfenstein. Nobody gets past Nazi guards better than you. That’s why your commanders have a favor to ask: deliver a “package” to the Fuehrer. The Underground has smuggled a bomb into a closet inside the Fuehrer’s Berlin Bunker. Now it’s up to you to move it to a secret conference room, set the timer. . . and escape. And that won’t be easy. The bunker is crawling with elite stormtroopers. Any one of them will trip the alarm at the least suspicion of trouble. But you’re not worried. You’re ready for whatever it takes to win this war. You’re ready to go Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.

World War II is crippling Europe and the whole world has felt the impact of one man. The underground resistance movement has arranged to sneak you into a secluded courtyard outside the Fuehrer’s Berlin bunker with a gun, ten bullets, and at least one pass to show the guards. A Confederate within the bunker has put a briefcase containing a bomb into a closet somewhere on the first floor.

YOUR MISSION: Find the bomb, locate Hitler‘s private conference room, and leave the bomb, timed to detonate! Then return to the courtyard from which you entered the bunker. Your underground liaison, Hans Undfusse, will meet you there and convey you to safety. Good luck!



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