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The hero


William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz

While he was fighting against the troops of General Rommel in North Africa, BJ received a mission from the Office of Secret Actions consisting in an investigation with Agent One about some suspect activities of the SS Paranormal Division. That’s the starting point of the journey of the emblematic hero of the Wolfenstein franchise.

There again, like in Wolf3D, he has been captured by Nazis, but manages to escape from Castle Wolfenstein to warn Allies about the danger threatening them!

More info in the page dedicated to BJ




Office of Secret Actions (OSA)

The Office of Secret Actions is a department of the US defense located in London, England, working on top-secret missions of highest importance for all Allies. Two of the OSA agents are known : BJ Blazkowicz and Agent One (Wesley). They receive their missions from the English director of OSA and his american assistant, Jack Stone.

Before each important mission in RtCW, you can see a briefing meeting between the director, his assistant, and two high rank US and English officers. They decide together what BJ will have to do during his task.


Agent One (Wesley)

Met in North Africa while you were doing a mission together for the OSA, Agent One – whose real name is Wesley – went with BJ pursuing Helga von Bulow to Germany, and was captured with him when their plane was shot near Castle Wolfenstein. Tortured and interrogated first by Nazis, he swallowed a suicide pill that was hidden in one of his boots, and died shortly before Blazkowicz managed to escape from the Castle.

Agent One is lying dead on the torture table when you discover his body in the first mission of the game in Castle Wolfenstein, but you make a mission with him in the Egyptian prologue of consoles versions of RtCW, where he can be played by somebody else in split screen.


Kreisau Circle

This group of German Resistants was actively collaborating with Allies, and helped BJ in many missions, in RtCW but also in Wolfenstein afterwards (in their HQ city of Isenstadt). BJ will work with two of them, named Kessler (see picture) and Karl Villigut, in the Wulfburg village.

Note that Kreisau Circle did really exist – even if the characters you can see in the game are fictional.




Basic enemies


Werhmacht soldiers

The basic soldiers of the game, neither solid nor fast, as they have only 20 hit points. They can wear various kind of uniforms (field grey, camo, with or w/o helmet), and use different weapons (MP-40 machinegun or Mauser rifle).


SS soldiers

Tougher than their regular army colleagues, the SS have circa 60 hit points, and usually wear black suits. They use similar weapons than basic soldiers, except that they’re more precise with Mauser rifles (frequently equipped with aiming optic).



Even if they’ve not a great firepower with their Luger pistol, the officers are fast and precise, and will quickly put a bullet between your two eyes! They’re rarely alone, and will receive some help from soldiers when they’re under attack. Some of them – typically in the dig site – can even use a MP-40 machinegun.

You will have to kill high rank officers in some missions of the game.


Technicians and scientists

Even if they’re more used to work in labs or workshops than in a battlefield, they will use their pistol if they feel threatened, and will fight with close soldiers. However, some of them will surrender when they’re alone.


Egyptian soldiers (consoles)

Available only in the Egyptian prologue of the console versions of RtCW, these soldiers are similar to their German colleagues – except their uniform, for sure.


Elite soldiers


Flamethrower soldiers

A soldier wearing a heavy armor and using a flamethrower that you will meet on very rare occasions in the game. However, these encounters will be hot, and don’t try to shoot them in the head in order to kill them, because they’re very well protected by a heavy helmet. Be also careful about friendly units around you, because they will be an easy prey for these arsonists. They’ve from 150 to 200 hit points, so they will be hard to kill. Better shoot on them from far away if you don’t want to end as a human torch! And using a flamethrower on them won’t be very useful, as they wear fireproof armor and a gas mask.


Venom soldiers

You can barely see them in the game, except in the Secret Weapons Facility and in Norway. They wear a heavier armor than their colleagues with a flamethrower – with circa 250 hit points -, and hold a devastating weapon: the Venom gun. Fight them from far away too, with a long sight weapon like a FG-42 or a Mauser rifle – without staying too long in their line of sight! Note that there is a little delay between the moment they pull the trigger of their weapon, and when it fires bullets, so use this time wisely.


Elite guards

This female SS troops highly trained by Helga von Bulow is terrible, because they’re very fast and precise, and will roll on the ground to avoid your shoots. They typically use a silent Sten machinegun or Luger pistol. You’ll meet them for the first time in the crypt while chasing Helga von Bulow. However, they’re not very solid, and you can shoot them quickly if you’re precise enough, but they’re usually in group, so stay aware!


Black guards

As the SS bodyguards of Himmler, they use a FG-42 gun – which is very efficient at both short and long distance -, and they will usually come on the battlefield thanks to an airdrop – that’s how they will appear for the first time in the game, in the V2 launching base in Balkans. These paratroopers are there to protect the SS Paranormal Division, the Secret Weapons Facility and the X-Labs, and they do it well. They’re tough on the ground, but vulnerable while still in the air, so better shoot in their parachute in order to quickly eliminate them. They have between 80 and 150 hit points, and a shot in the head will make them loose their helmet with a double damage, while another one will instantly kill them (except with Mauser sniper rifle, where the death might be immediate).


Egyptian mercenaries (consoles)

Only available in the Egyptian prologue of the consoles versions, these mercenaries are quite efficient with their MP-40 or Thompson machinegun. So be careful!





Excavation works of Helga von Bulow and Professor Zemph in the Wulfburg village crypts near Castle Wolfenstein have led to the awakening of soldiers dead long ago, and they’re not happy! They will raise when you’ll will walk in front of their tomb, and will fight indistinctly Germans and you, either with their firsts in close combat, or with ghostly skulls in distance, and will eat their fallen enemies! And once killed, they will rise again after a short time, so don’t hesitate to destroy their remains in order to get rid of them once for all (a knife or a kick will be enough)! The flamethrower and Venom gun are very efficient on them, unlike the sniper rifle! One advice: let them fight with the German soldiers before killing the “survivors”.

There is a basic version of the zombie, and a stronger one with shining eyes. In the Egyptian prologue, you’ll also have to fight the local instance of zombies: the mummies!


Fire undead

This kind of zombies is quite rare – it will appear only in the catacombs and crypts of Wolfburg -, and will raise from a fire in order to throw flames in your face, similarly to a flamethrower with a shorter reach. Stronger than typical zombies, they can’t obviously be killed with a flamethrower, but with a long sight rifle in order to avoid burning too quickly. There again, you’ll have to destroy their remains in order to avoid seeing them raise again.


Undead warriors

These Saxon knights are coming back to haunt the world, and they will give you serious problems! Wearing an axe or a sword, and protected by a shield and an armor, they will avoid many of your attacks – with your bullets coming back to you! -, and they are tough in close combat, as they’re faster than other types of zombies.

For them to drop their guard, you can shoot their feet, or be close enough to see them starting their attack with their weapon. Then, you can shoot and kill them. You can also kick or stab them, as they can’t avoid such attacks, or simply use a flamethrower or a grenade, it will be far more efficient. And if they start fighting with Germans, let them go, they will be very good in killing them.

Note that unlike other zombies and mummies, they won’t rise again once killed.


Undead occult priest (consoles)

Specific to the prologue in Egypt of the consoles versions of the game, these ancient priests were using occult sciences before their death, and before Himmler resurrect them. They’re wearing a mask and a cloak, and will launch dark electrical rays on you, so better fight them in good distance, and shoot in their head in order to break their mask and kill them.


X-Labs creatures



Result of the failure of Deathshead’s experiences, these creatures escaped from their cells in X-Labs, and they will kill anyone in their sight, German or not… Lopers have no legs, and will launch electrical rays from their lower body. Fast and solid, these monsters created by a mad scientist are reinforced with drugs, and they can jump on a long distance in order to reach and attack their prey. Better use some powerful and fast weapons against them, like the Panzerfaust, the Venom gun, the FG-42, or even the flamethrower. Stay in a good distance, hidden the longest possible to avoid their hard attacks. Note that if they’ve no way to reach you, they will go away, and you’ll have to uncover before being attacked once again… The Lopers will first appear in the Secret Weapons Facility of Deathshead, and then in the X-Labs in Norway.



These giant cyborgs are the prototypes of Super Soldiers, with less armor and weaponry than their Super colleagues, and they’re very dangerous. They won’t attack Nazis, but Lopers in X-Labs. They also appear in the end of the game, near Castle Wolfenstein. They’re typically using a Venom gun, but also sometimes a Panzerfaust, so better have a solid cover before fighting against them! They will loose their armor during the battle until they die, and have more than 200 hit points.

You should use a heavy weapon like a Panzerfaust, a Venom or Tesla gun, or grenades to kill them.


X-Shepherds (consoles)

Available only in the prologue in Egypt of consoles versions, these doggies have been turn into killing cyborgs by Deathshead, and their only task will be to protect his X-Labs, eating anyone who won’t please them. Built from Proto-Soldiers elements and having sharp teeth, these biting machines are fast and agile, and also have a turret-style minigun on their back that will pierce what their teeth haven’t reached yet.

Keep them far, and use grenades on them if possible!




Super Soldiers (Über-Soldats)

The Super Soldier is a more advanced version and much more powerful version of the Proto-Soldier, the ultimate work of Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, and the ultimate weapon of Nazis. You’ll meet 3 of them in the original game – the first in the X-Labs and two others in the Castle Shufstaffel, where they should be turned into Heinrich’s Dark Knights – and one in the Egyptian prologue, and these encounters will be very intense!

They wear an armor making them two times more resistant than the Proto-Soldiers – with more than 400 hit points -, and use a impressive weaponry: 2 or 3 weapons like a Tesla Gun, a Venom gun and a Panzerfaust.

Against them, the tactic is simple: use big guns and some grenades or dynamites, and get a solid cover. In the X-Labs, use the central wall with a glass to make it turn around, and cover behind the wall after you shot on him. He will progressively loose his armor until you kill him.



Olaric was a leading figure in Thulian lore, and the founder of the Dark Forge, where he created the Dagger of Warding. Olaric has been awakened long after by Helga von Bulow as a monster made of many dead bodies from where souls seem trapped inside him. When he resurrected, he rushed on Helga, and tore her apart to thanks her…

First boss of the game, he will attack you not only in close combat, but also in long distance with some dark ghosts who will hurt and blind you if they touch you. He will also raise zombies. His speed will also go turbo for a short period after being attacked or if the player is blinded, so keep a good distance between you. Kill him first by constantly moving around the courtyard, and hide behind a pillar to avoid his ghosts. Once dead, you can kill his minions.


Heinrich I

Final boss of the game, Heinrich has been resurrected in the ruins near Paderborn by Marianna Blavatsky, who will be turned into a zombie by the witch king. He is extremely resistant with circa 5000 hit points, and you’ll need a lot of time and ammo to kill him – knowing he will invoke undead and undead warriors, and that he can attack you in close combat with his giant deadly sword and send you in the air.

Focus first on the zombie priestess, because she can attack you with ghosts that will hurt you a lot. Then, kill the undead warriors, because Heinrich will need some time to invoke some others, and he will be more vulnerable during that time. For sure, take the most ammo you can before the battle, because you’ll need to use all the available heavy weapons – knowing that the flamethrower is very efficient against zombies.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, the game is over, congratulations!


Other enemy characters


Doktor Zee

He’s the responsible of the tortures inflicted to your colleague, Agent One, and his death in Castle Wolfenstein, and he will be one of the first enemies you’ll kill in the game – with the knife if possible. Which is good as he was planing to do the same thing to you!


Professor Zemph

Scientist of the SS Paranormal Division, the professor Zemph was assisting Helga von Bulow during the extraction of the Heinrich’s Death Knights bodies, even if he didn’t agree with the expeditious methods of the Nazi woman. Then, while they were opening the tomb of Olaric and discovered the Dagger of Warding, Helga wanted to use it, but not Zemph who rejected the plan of his superior. She solved that problem… by killing the professor!

After his battle against the monster Olaric, BJ will find the notes of the professor where he explains how concerned he is regarding what Helga is doing, and all his health issues because of the bad conditions of the excavations…


Helga von Bulow

SS colonel (Standartenführer) and high-ranked leader of the SS Paranormal Division, Helga was supervising the excavations near Wolfburg in order to extract the bodies of the Dark Knights and Olaric, and find the Dagger of Warding nearby. She was assisted by Professor Zemph, and protected by her terrible female Elite Guards. Impulsive and violent, she even killed Zemph as he was rejecting her plans to use the Dagger, and sealed the catacombs and the crypts with many soldiers trapped inside when the digging operations awakened many undead in this place. When she touched the artifact, Olaric awoke too – and dismembered her as a thank-you – before fighting BJ.

In the Egyptian prologue of the consoles versions, she was leading excavations in Egypt in order to find some tablets in ancient tombs, leading there again to the awakening of many mummies inside. However, as BJ and Agent One found out what she was doing, she fled with the tablets to an aerodrome, and was pursued by them until their plane was shot down near Castle Wolfenstein. She then ordered the soldiers to find and capture them, and sent them to detention in the Castle for a meeting with Doktor Zee…


Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse

This SS senior colonel (Oberführer) is a Nazi scientist leading the SS Special Projects Division, which is made to create ultimate weapons for the Third Reich. In his X-Labs, he creates the Super Soldiers, some heavily armored and overarmed monsters of steel and flesh, the Nazis’ killing machines. These projects also lead to the creation of other cyborgs like the Lopers, the Proto-Soldiers and the X-Shepherds.

He’s openly against the SS Paranormal Division projects, and doesn’t believe they’re useful for Nazis. However, he has been asked by Himmler to provide to Marianna Blavatsky some Super Soldiers that will receive the souls of the Heinrich’s Dark Knights. Anyway, he refuse to assist to the resurrection ceremony.

During a trip in his secret base in Balkans, BJ stopped the launch of some V2 rockets filled with a biological weapon he wanted to do. BJ then caught him in his Secret Weapons Facility where he was creating cyborgs, including Super Soldiers. After the American agent destroyed his monsters, Deathshead had to flee with a submarine to his secret base in Norway, the X-Labs. There again, BJ came to stop him, but Strasse escaped with a jet plane, and didn’t reappear in the game anymore. Later, he will be one of the main protagonists of the Wolfenstein game in 2009.


Marianna Blavatsky

SS senior colonel (Oberführer) and occult high priestess, Marianna was the responsible of Operation Resurrection – and Helga von Bulow was her student. She used three Super Soldiers to host the souls of the Dark Knights in order to allow the resurrection of the witch king Heinrich I to be done.

During this ceremony, Heinrich turned her into a zombie BJ will have to fight along with the king and other undead. As zombie, she was tougher than others, and will launch ghostly missiles to you, so she must be eliminated first (with a flamethrower for instance).


Heinrich Himmler

Leader (Reichsführer) of SS and minister of interior of the Reich, Himmler is the creator of the SS Paranormal Division, and sponsored the Operation Resurrection. He is the only real historical character available in the game. Actually, he’s only visible at the very end of the game, in a short scene after BJ defeated Heinrich, saying “This American… he destroyed everything!”.



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