Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Storyline



Everything starts in IXth century during the invasion of ancient Germany by Charlemagne, who evangelized it by destroying the traditional pagan religion.

In 918 AD, Heinrich I, king of Germany, restored the pagan cult and destroyed the Christianity in his kingdom. He sealed a pact with ancient traditional gods who gave him many dark powers in return, allowing him to raise an army of undead soldiers. He gave to the Dark Knights, his three closest fellows, similar dark powers, and start conquering Europe. In 943 AD, Simon the Traveler, a Benedictine monk who traveled the world during many years, studying esoteric and spiritual sciences of antic civilizations, and learning some magical skills, stood in his way, and after a tough battle, the monk managed to kill the Dark Knights and seal Heinrich in a deep underground tomb of the Harz moutains, in central Germany.


Mission 1: Ominous Rumors

During World War II, in 1943, the Allied Secret Services are trying to understand what are the activities of a SS organisation called “SS Paranormal Division”, created by Heinrich Himmler, head of SS – this division can be compared to the real Ahnenerbe institute he created during the 1930s -, in the region of Wolfenstein, in the Harz mountains, and especially in the Castle. The Office of Secret Actions (OSA) sends two agents to investigate, Agent One and BJ Blazkowicz, but they are captured by the Nazis and sent to the Castle Wolfenstein for torture and interrogation. B.J. manages to escape Castle Wolfenstein’s dungeon, unlike Agent One who died because of the tortures from the Nazis, and fights his way out of the castle, using a tram car to leave the area and meet up with a member of the German resistance in a nearby village.



Mission 2: Dark Secret

The SS Paranormal Division, under Oberführer Helga von Bulow, has been excavating the catacombs and crypts of an ancient church within the village. The Division’s sloppy precautions have led to the awakening of hordes of undead creatures, including Saxon knights, slaughtering anybody around. The entrance must be sealed off, leaving many soldiers trapped inside the catacombs. B.J. descends regardless and fights both Nazis and undead until he arrives at the ancient house of worship, the Defiled Church, where Nazi scientist Professor Zemph is conducting a ‘life essence extraction’ on the corpse of a Dark Knight. Shortly before B.J.’s arrival, Zemph tries to talk the impatient Helga von Bulow out of retrieving an ancient Thulian artifact, the “Dagger of Warding”, but she shoots him and proceeds. But a curse lays upon the dagger: anybody touching this object will be destroyed by its guardian.  This awakens a monster, Olaric, which kills her as well. Blazkowicz defeats Olaric, then is airlifted out with Zemph’s notes and the dagger.



Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance

These notes will lead him to the path of one of Germany’s leading scientific researchers – but also a very dangerous SS officer working in Norway -, Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, which is also a close friend of Himmler, even if he founds the Operation Resurrection as an expensive and useless ridiculous project. Head of the SS Special Projects Division, Strasse is preparing to launch an attack on London, using a V-2 rocket fitted with an experimental germ warhead, launching it from his base near Katamarunde in the Baltics. Blazkowicz is parachuted some distance from the missile base and smuggles himself in on a supply truck. Once inside, Blazkowicz destroys the V-2 on its launchpad and fights his way out of the facility towards an airbase filled with experimental jet aircraft. There, he commandeers a “Kobra” rocket-plane and flies to safety in Malta.



Mission 4: Deadly Designs

Eager to know more about Deathshead and his secret projects, the OSA sends Blazkowicz to the bombed city of Kugelstadt (‘Bullet City’), where he is assisted by members of the German Kreisau Circle resistance group in breaking into a ruined factory and exfiltrating a defecting scientist. There he discovers the blueprints for the Reich’s latest weapon, the Venom Gun, an electrically operated hand-held minigun. He also procures the weapon itself. Blazkowicz eventually breaks into Deathshead’s underground research complex, the Secret Weapons Facility (SWF). There he encounters horrific creatures, malformed and twisted through surgery and mechanical implants. The creatures escape and go on a rampage. Blazkowicz sees Deathshead escape the SWF by U-Boat, and learns of his destination by interrogating a captured German officer.



Mission 5: Deathshead’s Playground

Blazkowicz is then parachuted into Norway, close to Deathshead’s mysterious X-Labs. After breaking into the facility, which has been overrun by the twisted creatures he encountered in Kugelstadt (dubbed ‘Lopers’), Blazkowicz retrieves Deathshead’s journal. He then confronts several prototype Übersoldaten, towering monstrosities coated in armor, powered by hydraulic legs and carrying powerful fixed weapons. Finally, he destroys one of Deathshead’s completed Übersoldaten and kills the researchers who have developed it. Deathshead himself escapes in a Kobra rocket-plane and does not appear in the game again.



Mission 6: Return Engagement

After studying the documents captured by Blazkowicz, the OSA has become aware of a scheme codenamed ‘Operation: Resurrection’, a plan to resurrect Heinrich I, a legendary and powerful Saxon warlock-king. Despite the skepticism of senior Allied commanders, the OSA parachutes Blazkowicz close to Castle Wolfenstein itself. He arrives at the town of Paderborn and, after assassinating all the senior officers of the SS Paranormal Division present there for the resurrection, fights his way through Chateau Schufstaffel and into the grounds beyond. After fighting two more Übersoldaten, Blazkowicz enters an excavation site near Castle Wolfenstein.



Mission 7: Operation Resurrection

Inside the excavation site, Blazkowicz fights Nazi guards and prototype Übersoldaten, and makes his way to a boarded-up entrance to Castle Wolfenstein’s crypts. There, he finds that the ruined part of the castle has become infested with undead creatures, which are attacking the castle’s desperate garrison. After fighting his way through the castle, Blazkowicz arrives too late at the site of a dark ceremony to resurrect Heinrich I. At the ceremony, SS Psychic Marianna Blavatsky conjures up dark spirits, which transform three Übersoldaten into Dark Knights, Heinrich’s lieutenants, as physical support for their three souls.

BJ won’t be able to stop her to raise Heinrich I, who “thanks” her by turning her into his undead slave. In a climactic battle at the exact same place than the Paderborn battle of 943, Blazkowicz destroys the three Dark Knights and Heinrich I, as SS chief Heinrich Himmler watches in horror, remarking afterwards “This American… he has ruined everything” before leaving.




Console versions prologue

This mission shows what B.J. and Agent One did prior to their capture near Castle Wolfenstein. While fighting Erwin Rommel’s forces in North Africa, B.J. suddenly finds himself assigned to a secret mission in the town of Ras el-Hadid in Egypt. Accompanied by Agent One, he makes his way through the town and infiltrates a secret archaeological dig site where Helga Von Bulow and her SS Paranormal Division are attempting to acquire a pair of ancient magical tablets from a cursed tomb. After fighting his way through both Nazis and Undead, B.J. makes it through the tomb but ultimately fails to capture Helga. He and Agent One pursue her in a stolen Ju-52 transport, only to be shot down by the Luftwaffe near Castle Wolfenstein, where they are captured…




Along with the various books found during the missions that you can read above, you can also find some useless notes that are quite worth reading!




Source: Wikipedia, Wolfenstein Wiki



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