Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny – Cheat codes

Wolfenstein 3-D & Spear of Destiny – PC MS-DOS


Quick code

By pressing [ M ][ L ] and [ I ] at the same time, you’ll see the message “You now have 100% Health, 99 Ammo and both Keys! Note that you have basically eliminated your chances of getting a high score !“.

And with the keys [ B ][ A ] and [ T ], you’ll get a message asking why you’re trying to cheat, since this is the old Keen Galaxy cheat code: “Commander Keen is also available from Apogee, but then, you already know that – right, Cheatmeister ?!


Cheat code activation

For the usual cheat codes, you’ll need to execute the following command line in order to activate them, according to the version of the game you’re running:

  • Wolfenstein 3-D version 1.0: wolf3d.exe -next. Once in the game, press [ CTRL ][ TAB ][ ENTER ] to activate the codes.
  • Wolfenstein 3-D version 1.1+: wolf3d.exe -goobers[ LSHIFT ] (left [ SHIFT ] key only), [ ALT ] and [ BACKSPACE ].
  • Spear of Destiny: spear.exe -debugmode[ LSHIFT ][ ALT ][ BACKSPACE ].

After pressing these keys, you’ll see the following message:

Debugging keys are now available!

Don’t press the fire button to remove that message, otherwise you’ll loose some ammo, and warn the guards nearby!


Cheat codes

Now you can press the cheat code key. Press [ TAB ] and the following key to execute the mentioned cheat code:

[ Q ]

Quit the game
[ W ] Warp to level xx
[ E ] Exit to next level
[ T ] Debug info in memory
[ I ] All weapons, 99 ammo, 100% health and 1.000 extra points in score (free items)
[ O ] Open map of level (Wolf3D v1.0 and shareware)
[ P ] Pause
[ S ] Slow motion
[ F ] Position info
[ G ] God mode (no damage) Le dieu B.J.... Craingnez-le, mortels!
[ H ] Hurt yourself
[ X ] Extra stuff (Wolf3D v1.1+ and SoD)
[ C ] Statistics
[ V ] Add extra VBLs (Vertical Blanking Signal —
this will do nothing for most users except maybe increase or decrease the game speed.)
[ B ] Change border color
[ N ] No clipping (walk through walls) – (This works only in Wolf3D v1.0 shareware.
This mode can cause really bad things to happen to the game,
including corrupting itself, which is why it was taken out.)
[ M ] Memory map


Other command lines

To go directly into the main menu without seeing the usual start screens, execute the following command lines: wolf3d.exe/spear.exe -nowait


Robert’s Jukebox

pc-jukeboxBy pressing the [M] key at startup, before the first start screen appears (don’t miss it!), you’ll reach a special screen called “Robert’s Juke-Box” where you can listen to 6 music tracks created by Robert C. Prince for the game, and see their name. The screen is chosen randomly by the game between 3 possible screens, so if you want to listen to the 18 tracks of the game, you’ll have to try several times…


Same tip for Spear of Destiny. But unlike Wolf3D, there is only one screen even for the three missions. You can still play the game after, but if you don’t want to listen again and again the same track, you can press [ ESC ] or another key… You can find a list of all the tracks of both games in this page, mentioning which one are available on the site and/or in the Jukebox (only two are not in the JB: the music of the start screens and the main menu… but you can still download them!)… So put the volume to the max, and enjoy the music! 🙂 Note that the music you can ear in the Jukebox has a lower quality compared to the midi files… and these latest are quite small, so better download them in the Music and sounds page of the site…



Wolfenstein 3-D – GBA  

First press Pause key, and then the L and R keys together.
Then enter the following code to apply the expected effect, with L and R still pressed:
Remark: Once you’ve successfully activated a code, you’ll ear a special sound.

A B B A A A A A All weapons and keys, full ammo and health
A A B A A A A A God mode
A B A A B B B B Exit to next level (level 1 goes to secret level)
A B A A B B A A Level 9 (boss level)



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