Wolfenstein 3-D – Episode 1: Escape from Wolfenstein


In this episode, we find B.J. Blazkowicz captured on a mission to uncover the plans for Operation Eisenfaust. He’s sent to a dungeon fortress known as Wolfenstein and subjected to harsh interrogation. In a desperate attempt to escape he overpowers his cell guard. Armed only with the guard’s pistol and knife, he must attempt to escape from this prison or die trying!


Episode end screens


You run out of the castle and hook up with the Underground. They inform you that the rumors were true: some hideous human experiments were seen around Castle Hollehammer. So Operation Eisenfaust is real!

You must journey there and terminate the maniacal Dr. Schabbs before his undead army marches against humanity!



And in episode three, Hitler hides in his titanic bunker as the Third Reich crumbles about him. It is your job to assassinate him, ending his mad reign.

And if you like Wolfenstein, you’ll love the prequel trilogy of Nocturnal Missions! Thirty more action-packed, super-challenging levels!









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