Wolfenstein 3-D – Episode 2: Operation: Eisenfaust


You’ve now returned to Germany to finish your mission: find out if Operation Eisenfaust – a plan to create the ultimate soldier – is real. The maniacal Dr. Schabbs has managed to graft a working hand onto the chest of the recently dead, and to bring them back to life! Armed with two cleavers and a pistol, these “mutants” are especially deadly because they make no sound when they see you. Their greeting is the crack of their gun! Somewhere in the depths of Castle Hollehammer, Dr. Schabbs awaits you with re-animation serum. Defeat him, or become a mutant yourself!


Episode end screens


You stand over Schabbs’ fat, evil, swollen putrid body, glad your mission is finally over. All his journals and equipment will be destroyed. Humanity is safe from his hordes of hideous mutants.



In episode three, Hitler hides in his titanic bunker as the Third Reich crumbles about him. It is your job to assassinate him, ending his mad reign. You find he has escaped to the Reichstag, and there you must confront him.

And if you like Wolfenstein, you’ll love the prequel trilogy of “Nocturnal Missions!”. Thirty more action-packed, super-challenging levels!








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