Wolfenstein 3-D – Episode 4: A dark secret

Nocturnal Missions

“We had to have names for episodes four through six before I had really designed them,” says Tom Hall. “So I made them ambiguous enough to fit virtually any plot. I did know it was going to be a prequel (what do you do after Hitler’s gone?), and hit upon the idea of chemical war. These three episodes were designed to be hard, and we really scraped the bottom of the dirty trick barrel. The play on words for the trilogy title came late at night after a long day of work. We wanted something like Secret Missions, and I said the title as a joke. Then we started justifying the pun, and the name stuck.”



Insane Nazi scientist, Otto Giftmacher has developed a full line of the most feared tool of modern warfare – the chemical weapons. You’ve been assigned to stop him from his mad task.

Castle Erlangen sits atop a small mountain, its massive stone walls touched by gloves of thin cloud mist. No one knew the location of this castle until a few days ago. You were rushed there in hopes of catching the sparse guard unawares.

Armed only with a Walther P38 (so you can use any German ammo you might find), you must make your way to the Doctor’s private workshop and put a halt to his diabolical doings!


Écrans de fin d’épisode


The twisted scientist behind the chemical war lies at your feet, but the fruits of his labor grow elsewhere! The first wave of chemical war is already underway. In the heavily guarded fortress of Erlangen are the plans for the upcoming Giftkrieg (or Poison War). Find them and you’ll know where to find General Fettgesicht, leader of the deadly assault.



So don’t wait… start the next adventure and find those plans!








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