Wolfenstein 3-D – Episode 6: Confrontation


Chemical war is about to be waged on a massive scale unless you can stop the egregiously evil General Fettgesicht (“Fatface”) from unleashing his burning gas! (From the weapons, of course.)

You found the plans hidden in the musty dungeons of Castle Erlangen, and they led you here – Castle Heidenheim, perched atop a small rise between two massive mountains. Inside its forbidding stone walls are tons of crack troops and the grotesque General himself. Blast your way through their defenses and face Fatface. Will Fettgesicht survive the nicht?

Chemical Warfare

Chemical weapons are a tortuous means of killing. The gases created by the 1940’s were slow to act and painful. Though the Geneva Convention of 1929 outlawed the use of chemical weapons the fear of chemical warfare was still present throughout WWII. This is a job for B.J.!


Episode end screens


The General gasps his last breath, and the free world is safe from the terrifying Nazi chemical war. You return to the Allied Headquarters, a Medal of Honor waiting for you.

Allied Command informs you of some nefarious activities around Castle Hollehammer. Something about some grey-skinned berserk soldiers…



You have finished the sixth Wolfenstein episode!

You are truly one of the great heroes! The world cheers your name! You get your picture taken with the president! People name their babies after you! You marry a movie star! Yes! You are so cool!









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