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Katherine Anna Kang – Fountainhead Entertainment / id Mobile

Fountainhead EntertainmentFounded in 2000 by Katherine Anna Kang (who is also the wife of John Carmack), the FountainHead Entertainment company was first producing machinima’s (short movies made from video games) before partnering with id Software and create games on mobile phones and consoles for them. Kang had previously worked with id as the business development director of the studio, and was part of the creation of Quake 3 and some map packs and Quake 2 ports.

Katherine Anna KangThe company started its relationship by creating Orcs & Elves, an heroic-fantasy adventure role-playing game taking place in an original world, and edited by EA Mobile. Then, they started to port the main franchises of id as RPG games on mobile phones with Doom RPG.

With the growing interest of id for that market, and the success of these two games, the FountainHead teams were taken over by id as the new id Mobile division, with Kang as the president of this new entity. Then, id Mobile created Doom II RPG and most notably Wolfenstein RPG for mobile Java/BREW phones and iPhone, with the technical help of John Carmack. Note that it’s when he helped the id and EA Mobile teams to port Wolfenstein RPG to iOS that Carmack started to be interested in that platform, and later made the Wolfenstein 3-D port himself (see the article he wrote about that for further information). In 2012, following the problems id faced with the development of Doom 4, id had to shut down its mobile division and move its teams to this latest project.

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EA Mobile

EA MobileCreated in 2004 by senior members of Electronic Arts, EA Mobile is a division of EA dedicated to create and publish high quality games for mobile phones – and also PDA and Pocket PC – on a market dominated by low quality games, leveraging their popular franchises (like The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA…). It’s also available to create bounds between mobile development studios and telco service carriers – especially in USA -, and also provide to the developers some tools and libraries dedicated to mobile platforms.

In 2006, EA Mobile acquired JAMDAT Mobile in order to extend its footprint in the mobile market. All the games developed by id Software for the mobiles platforms were published either by EA Mobile or JAMDAT Mobile before the merge.

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