New Wolf3D mod: Atomprojekt

The mod community of Wolfenstein 3-D is still very active, and one of the latest top projects is Atomprojekt.

This mod contains 34 levels with secrets and new enemies, where BJ Blazkowicz must stop the Dr. Engelke who is building a dangerous secret weapon that could destroy London.

Here are some videos of the mod in action:


Interview of John Romero and Kevin Cloud by noclip

noclip did an extensive interview of John Romero about his career and his new home in Ireland. Subscribers to the patreon of noclip can also watch a very interesting tour of the huge collections of old games and pieces of software history that John gathered or created across time.

noclip did also an interview of the last of the founder members of id Software still in the company, Kevin Cloud, about his career and the new Doom game.

You can also watch other videos about Doom with extended interviews of the development team.


Wolf3D on GameBoy Color!

Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom are regularly subject to porting on various exotic platforms as a technical challenge, like Doom on calculators, printers or even on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro!

But this time, it’s Wolf3D that has been ported on a platform that has never been intended to make it run: the GameBoy Color! Wolf3D had already been published on the GameBoy Advance (GBA) a long time ago, but never on the older handheld console.

And as you can see, the result is very good!

But as the hardware of the console was far too slow to make it run, a modder called Anders Granlund got the idea to add an ARM processor to the cartridge itself in order to handle the graphic processing. You can read more technical details about this amazing job on his site.

SplitWolf: Wolfenstein 3-D in multiplayer!

The “Team RayCast” has released a special mod of Wolf3D and SOD called “SplitWolf” where 2 players can cooperate on the same game in split screens in order to defeat nazis!

From the description on their website:

SplitScreen for up to 4 players (currently optimized for 2) in cooperative mode on a single PC!!! (SDL) Support for both vertical and horizontal splitscreen and many special cooperative game modes that add endless replay value and tactics to classic maps. Minimap/radar support. Support of Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny (none of the original files included in the pack)

You can see the mod in action in this video:


The BJ actor speaks about the next Wolfenstein

In an interview to the Two Left Sticks website about the next Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, where he’s not only a voice actor, but also one of the writers of the game, Brian Bloom, who also impersonated BJ Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood – and also the killer in the A-Team movie in 2010 -, spoke about his work on the BJ character in a possible sequel of the games:

I’ll be safe with this answer. If you look at Bethesda’s E3 2016 lineup there was a title hinted at in a cool way. It sparked a bit of wildfire. That subtle, very simple DOS language, going through the titles. Perhaps we’re working on that as we speak.

About the fate of BJ after The New Order, and what he would like to do with this character:

Whoever B.J. Blaskowicz was, in the content we have so far, he’s the articulation of a promise not kept; a country that surrendered while he was in a coma. He’s fighting a war on his own with a very small group of people, completely outgunned and out-manned. A world taken over by scourge of racism, nazism, and fascism. Anya and their relationship in many ways is B.J. attempting to give redemption to the dream lost. Those ideals that he has that might be idealistic – marriage, children, living in a free world. It’s all part of who he is. Putting my own feelings aside, and giving the audience all room to have their own feelings about this. I think we can agree that his core convictions are related to that kind of loyalty.

Brian won’t tell anything more as he doesn’t want to violate any NDA. He seems very much involved in the games and characters he’s working on. It seems to confirm the development of the next Wolfenstein game, some months after the revelation from the actress playing Anya. Wait&see!

What will be the next Wolfenstein game?

Even if there was no announcement of a new Wolfenstein game this year by Bethesda, we could see a reference to a new “Wolfenstein: The New Colossus” in the trailer of Quake Champions during last E3, that’s all. We also know thanks to an actress that MachineGames is working on a new Wolfenstein game, months after they said they would like to continue working on the franchise.

So why teasing the game without announcing anything during E3 as well as during last QuakeCon? Here is my idea: after several very good old-school FPS in the Wolfenstein series – with The New Order and The Old Blood – as well as with Doom, Bethesda should continue its work on the Quake series, with Champions for the multiplayer part – heavily inspired by Quake 3 -, but certainly with another solo game that would bring us back to the world of Stroggs, more than 10 years after a disappointing Quake 4 by Raven, and 3 first legendary games. MachineGames has also said they would like to be part of it.

So what is the future of Wolfenstein? I think the next episode will be radically different from The New Order, and will be a great open-world FPS where the player will infiltrate big cities dominated by nazis in order to accomplish main and secondary quests – similarly to a Far Cry or a Borderlands game. Raven has already tried such a gameplay with their Wolfenstein game in 2009, without much success, but the idea is there. Because Wolfenstein is mainly a uchronical universe with history and science-fiction mixed together, where you can find amazings bosses and dark moments. The player could be infiltrated in a nazi Washington from the 60s (New York was hit by an atomic bomb) – without necessarily impersonating BJ Blazkowicz, who is known by his enemies and would hardly infiltrate any German city. Bethesda has a lot of experience in such games with the Fallout or even Skyrim games, and Fallout was released nearly one year ago. Wolfenstein is no more related to id Software, and Bethesda certainly wants to expand this universe and try new gameplay, like what Blizzard did with its Warcraft series – going from RTS games to a MMORPG. We’ll see!

3 records for id Software

During the Gamescom in August, id Software was awarded by the Guinness Book for 3 particular records:

  • longest-running FPS developer
  • longest-running FPS series (Wolfenstein)
  • longest-running eSports tournament (QuakeCon)

Obviously, no other company could win these records, as id Software created the FPS genre back in the 90s, as explained in the video below:

Unfortunately, during the Gamescom or the QuakeCon just before, no new information was given about a new Wolfenstein game.

(Almost) no new Wolfenstein at E3…

During the conference of Bethesda at E3, many games where shown, including Quake Champions, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, but no new Wolfenstein game… but if you closely looked at the very first picture of the show, before the Quake Champions trailer was launched via a kind of DOS prompt command, you could read all the id Sofware games…

You could read “Wolf3D” for Wolfenstein 3-D, “New_Order” for Wolfenstein: The New Order, “Old_Blood” for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, with their release date on the right… but also “New_Colossus”, with no release date! Could it be the next Wolfenstein game MachineGames is working on, called “The New Colossus”?

Polygon found a good explanation for this title: “The phrase happens to be the title of an Emma Lazarus poem that is inscribed on a plaque at the Statue of Liberty. At the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order, protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz gives a monologue that evokes Lazarus’ sonnet.“.

We’ll certainly get more info at the next QuakeCon in August!

In the meantime, you can watch the very promising trailer of Quake Champions, the new multiplayer FPS from id Sofware exclusive to PC gamers!

And… during the conference of Ubisoft, you could also discover new exclusive videos from Watch_Dogs 2, a massive open world game… on which I’m currently working as an AI programmer in Ubisoft Montreal. Enjoy!