Interview of Jens Matthies about Wolfenstein: The New Order before E3

Before the E3, starting next week in Los Angeles with many shows including one for Wolfenstein : The New Order, Jens Matthies, creative director on the game for MachineGames, gave some interviews to various websites, like this one:


Some interesting information from these interviews:

  • BJ will be able to use a laser weapon that will liquefy the heavily armored enemies!
  • MachineGames still works on balancing the game difficulty, which will have different levels (from “Don’t hurt me” to “I’m the Death Incarnate” I presume, like in Wolf3D and RtCW).
  • The studio consider it more as an action-adventure game than a pure FPS.



E3 trailer of Wolfenstein: The New Order

MachineGames and Bethesda have posted today the E3 trailer of Wolfenstein: The New Order. In a nutshell: a world full of Nazis, some German Beatles, and a very angry BJ!


Here are some screenshots of the game taken from the end of this video: