New Wolf3D mod: Atomprojekt

The mod community of Wolfenstein 3-D is still very active, and one of the latest top projects is Atomprojekt.

This mod contains 34 levels with secrets and new enemies, where BJ Blazkowicz must stop the Dr. Engelke who is building a dangerous secret weapon that could destroy London.

Here are some videos of the mod in action:


Wolfenstein 3-D: The Final Solution

The community of mods and total conversions creators working on Wolfenstein 3-D is still very active, and some sites are still posting regular updates about their work, like The Wolf3D Dome and Wolfenstein Goodies. A small studio named Jazz Software is one of these creators, making some new episodes of Wolf3D using Game Maker and DC Tech Three.

They have released recently a new game called “Wolfenstein 3-D: The Final Solution” where BJ has to stop the Nazis before they send their new V3 missiles to London. This total conversion is very close to the original, even with a different engine, but with new textures, new enemies, new sounds and new weapons.

You can download the game on GameJolt, it’s definitely worth the try, and it will bring you some very good memories. The game is very good, even if it’s hard at the beginning, and it has some fixed WASD controls – which is not very practical on AZERTY keyboards… Jazz Software has also released “Wolf3D Rearmed” and “Wolf3D – Machines of War” with similar characteristics, and the studio is also creating maps for Doom II.