ZeniMax and Bethesda acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced today that they will acquire ZeniMax Media and its studios like Bethesda Softworks, id Software, MachineGames, Arkane and others for $7.5 billion in cash. Around 2300 employees will now work for the XBox ecosystem, and their games will be released on day one on the PC and XBox consoles – and also in the XBox Game Pass, even if some of the games will still be released on Playstation consoles and other platforms. Many of these studios have been some pioneers of the games on Windows PC and XBox consoles, so Microsoft said it has been an easy decision for them. The acquisition should be finalized at the end of 2021.

Peter Hines, the vice-president of Bethesda, has declared that this acquisition was a big opportunity for Bethesda to go forward and have access to the huge resources of Microsoft, which has been a partner of their studios for a very long time.

Phil Spencer, the head of XBox division in Microsoft, has commented this acquisition on CNBC:


50% discount on Wolfenstein: The New Order on Steam during QuakeCon

During the QuakeCon that happens from July 17 to 20 in Dallas, USA, Wolfenstein: The New Order has a discount of 50% on Steam, thus being priced at 25 euros (instead of 50 euros). The whole Bethesda catalog is also sold with large discounts, including the Wolf Pack including Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny costing 75% less at a price of 3.74 euros (instead of 15 euros).

You can also find all the Doom games from id Software, including Doom 3: BFG Edition, the remastered HD edition of Doom 3, at 7.50 euros, Dishonored at 11.24 euros, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at 11.24 euros too, and The Elder Scrolls Online at 27.5 euros. Definitely worth it!

But Steam is not the only platform to celebrate the QuakeCon with discounts. The XBox One version of Wolfenstein: The New Order is also sold at reduced price of 40 euros (instead of 60 euros), including on Amazon. You can also find Quake Arena Arcade, Doom 1 and 2, and Wolfenstein 3-D on XBox 360 at 2.50 euros during the whole week-end! Visit our Amazon store to get your games at a reduced price!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Achievements and goodies on XBox Live

On the XBox Live, you can already see some elements related to Wolfenstein: The New Order on XBox 360. You can get all the goodies you can buy for your XBox Live avatar (caps, t-shirts, pets, …), and the list of all the 50 achievements you’ll be able to unlock in the game (at least in the XBox 360 edition):

  • Gunner (20 points)
    Save allied planes
  • Fergus saved (30 points)
    Choose to save Fergus
  • Wyatt saved (30 points)
    Choose to save Wyatt
  • Vive la resistance! (20 points)
    Locate the resistance
  • Power to the laser (30 points)
    Find the Laserkraftwerk
  • Hidden in the deep (20 points)
    Locate the underwater stash
  • London uprising (20 points)
    Defeat the London Monitor
  • Deliverance (30 points)
    Release friend
  • Liberation (100 points)
    Complete the game on any difficulty
  • Super hero (50 points)
    Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)
  • Über hero (50 points)
    Complete game on ÜBER
  • All that glitters (20 points)
    Collect 25 gold items
  • Heart of gold (30 points)
    Collect all gold items
  • The lives of others (30 points)
    Collect all letters
  • Secrets revealed I (30 points)
    Solve the first Enigma code
  • Secrets revealed II (30 points)
    Solve the second Enigma code
  • Secrets revealed III (30 points)
    Solve the third Enigma code
  • Secrets revealed IV (30 points)
    Solve the fourth Enigma code
  • Scout I (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 1
  • Knife throwing (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 2
  • Knife sheath + (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 3
  • Knife sheath ++ (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 4
  • Silent shot (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 5
  • Vampire (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 6
  • Scout II (10 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 7
  • Assassin (30 points)
    Unlock stealth perk 8
  • Deadeye (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 1
  • Quick draw (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 2
  • Quick regeneration (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 3
  • Gun magazine + (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 4
  • Shotgun magazine + (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 5
  • AR magazine + (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 6
  • Marksman magazine + (10 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 7
  • Quick reload (30 points)
    Unlock tactical perk 8
  • Double reload (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 1
  • Endurance I (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 2
  • Scavenger (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 3
  • Bullet feeder (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 4
  • Endurance II (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 5
  • Autopanzer (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 6
  • LKW battery + (10 points)
    Unlock assault perk 7
  • Dual-wield expert (30 points)
    Unlock assault perk 8
  • Throwback (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 1
  • Grenade pouch + (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 2
  • Grenade pouch ++ (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 3
  • Bullseye (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 4
  • Rocket magazine + (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 5
  • Vaporize (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 6
  • Sentinel (10 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 7
  • Hardened (30 points)
    Unlock demolition perk 8